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Stop Googling “How to Get More Business for My Moving Company” and Start a Company Blog

How do i get more business for my moving companyDo you find yourself sitting down at the end of the day and typing, “how to get more business for my moving company” into your search bar? Creating and maintaining an online presence can be a difficult process, especially if your business is not entirely web-based. Unfortunately, in order to keep your trucks on the road, finding a niche online is important, if not essential, to running a business nowadays. While word-of-mouth recommendations still carry some weight, if you’re not tapping into the internet for leads and staying on top of marketing ideas for your moving company you’re limiting your potential to expand your clientele. Starting a company blog is popular way to increase your online authority and overall reach of your company.

Starting a Blog Can Help Get More Business for Your Moving Company

You may be asking yourself, “Will people actually read a blog by a moving company?” or “How am I supposed to make boxes and trucks interesting?” These and related questions are valid, but the truth is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for people to read and like your posts.

5 Reasons Your Moving Company Should Start a Blog

  • It builds your authority – Setting aside an hour a week or bi-weekly to write a post may seem like a waste of time, considering you have trucks to keep on the road and boxes to move from Point A to Point B, but creating content people can relate to and share will help to build your online authority. You may not be a leading expert on nationwide moving trends, but you probably have some insight into what your local moving market is like. Showing potential and returning customers that you have a finger on what makes your industry pulse can give you the one-up you need over your competition.
  • It lets you flex your creative muscles – At the end of the day, your business is about a lot more than packing tape and boxes, and a blog is a great way to highlight that. Starting a blog is your chance to finally write and publish that list of moving hacks you’re always telling your customers about. It’s the perfect way to highlight your hardworking staff. Just because it’s a company blog doesn’t mean it can be fun and entertaining for consumers. Plus, having creative content sets you apart from your competition, both in the eyes of your customers and on search engines. Setting up a company blog can also keep your employees informed on your business, and gives them a chance to get involved in something other than carting around furniture and helping customers safely move their pianos or prized china sets. If you think of your blog as a team building effort, and something that everyone can get involved in, it doesn’t have to be a chore to throw together a few hundred words a week.
  • It gives your business an online foundation – A company blog gives your business a voice, and encourages people to share with their friends, family and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Your work may be exclusively conducted away from the internet, but a website and blog play an essential role in gathering more business for you. Creating trustworthy and shareable content helps to establish your moving company brand, and also gives people something they can remember and return to when they are in need of advice when it comes to moving.
  • It brings more traffic to your site – The more posts your put on your blog, the more Google and other search engines have to work with. From Google’s perspective, the more unique content on your website or blog, the better. Your website can only do so much for you when it comes to your page rank on search engines, since your “About Us” and “Frequently Asked Questions” pages probably don’t change dramatically from year to year. Maintaining a blog shows that your website is active, and gives search engines a cue to check back for new pages every so often. Plus, creating a funny, innovative, or quirky post about your moving business is sure to encourage people to share it through various social media platforms.
  • It comes with long term perks – One of the best things about starting a company blog, especially for an industry like moving, is that from year to year, the way your conduct your business does not change. Unless cardboard boxes suddenly become obsolete, a post like “11 Ways to Best Use Your Cardboard Boxes” will still be relevant in the future, so it has the potential to still rank highly in search results, even if you haven’t edited the post in months or years. Alternatively, taking a look at what you’ve posted in the past, and then creating updated or follow-up posts helps to create continuity on your blog, and lets your customers know you’re constantly seeking ways to improve. While your ultimate goal with a blog is to gain more leads and more business, creating an online brand that people trust and like reading is sure to garner solid recommendations for you in the long run.

Now that you’ve read about the benefits of starting a company blog, are you ready to start?