Case Study: Low Budget Movers

Putting a Local Moving Company On The Map

The Challenge

Low Budget Movers, a Phoenix based moving company, was looking to expand their reach by focusing on the Internet to grow.

Unfortunately their rankings on Google were non-existent and their website was lacking to say the least.

We were challenged with competing against the big boys and growing this moving company across the Valley in the Greater Phoenix area.  Brian had a goal of 40 moves booked per week.

The Approach

We have a significant amount of research and data in our back pocket on the performance of moving companies online. We combined that with extensive research and data conducted on Low Budget Movers, their competition and their coverage area.

As you might expect Phoenix is a very competitive market. Rankings on Google weren’t going to happen overnight so a plan was put in place that would consist of both paid ads and local SEO. We were going to initially develop a highly targeted Google Adwords PPC campaign in order to start generating leads immediately while our SEO program had room to grow.

The SEO program would consist of building out their website, setting up all their necessary local listings, creating required content, developing a review strategy, and promoting the hell out of them (link building/acquiring).

The Execution

On a monthly basis our SEO plan was executed with the goal of growing the amount of leads Low Budget Movers received from their website. Here’s what we did:

  • Built a website and SEO’d it for Google.  Everything Google would want to see was added to it.  The proper keywords were added in the correct places and we made sure it was conversion friendly.
  • Added the necessary pages to target the specific locations and services that we were hired to target.
  • Claimed or created the necessary online listings that are required for any local business. Yelp,, BBB, etc.  We also made sure to get them listed on a bunch of local websites as well as moving industry related sites.
  • Setup a review funnel to solicit reviews from previous customers and trained the owner and staff on the intricacies of it.
  • Added additional content.  Like this.
  • Build a lot of the right links. We got them listed on various websites across the Phoenix region, realtor websites as references, local blogs, associations, and the like. Link building really works!
  • Continue to build content, links and authority.

The Results

Low Budget Movers currently ranks on the first page for the great majority of their target keywords in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and surrounding areas and we continue to build their presence and expand into the Westside.

With a goal of 40 moves booked per month shattered, Brian has since been able to expand his coverage area, hire more help, and buy/lease more trucks.  He is currently expanding into Tucson and Las Vegas.  Needless to say, the Internet has been good to him.

Check the numbers below.

On a Monthly Basis Low Budget Movers Receives:

Website Visitors
Phone Calls
Online Form Submissions
New Customers

*This is the number of tracked phone calls received. The number is actually much higher.
Numbrers last updated in 2016.

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