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57 Web Pages to Add to Your Website Design if You Are a Moving Company

57 web pages for moving companies seo

Think about your favorite websites. What do all of them have in common? Among the top things would be good design, easy to navigate, and most importantly, each have the information you need so that you are not wasting your time trying to find information.

Now think of your moving company’s website: if you were a customer, would you want to spend time on it? Does it accurately explain what your company does and who you are?

Aside from a clean website design, having the right pages on your site is vital to your representing your brand and company online. A well-balanced set of pages gives you more authority in the eyes of Google.  And when combined with a killer Local SEO program for your Moving Company it will help you attract more customers and more business.

Google ranks individual web pages, so you have a much better chance of ranking high in the search results if you are targeting a specific keyword theme with your page, such as a page for antique moves.

This page is a resource to help you build the pages of your moving company so that it not only keeps visitors on your site, but accurately represents your brand and line of services. We’ve broken it down so you can focus on creating a solid foundation of content for your site, which can then be built up to not only help promote your company online, but increase your web authority and make you stand out from the competition.

Must have moving company website pages

The Basic (and Most Essential) Pages For a Moving Company Website Design

If you don’t have a lot of time or budget to invest in your website, you should at least include the following pages on your site. These are the most essential pages for any site, across any industry. They provide the information customers and leads are looking for, and without them, your site visitors may go elsewhere to find the services they need. In the long run, these pages often get the most traffic, which heightens their importance. Keep in mind, these pages often serve as portals to other parts of your site, so including them will allow you to build a more comprehensive group of pages.

Home page – Your home page should provide visitors with basic information on what you can do for them. Additionally, it should contain a brief overview of what they can find on your site, as well as a call to action that will entice them to look into your products and services.

About Us – Your About Us page is your chance to let your customers get to know you a bit more. It can include a brief company history, and what sets you apart from the competition.

Services – This section is where you tell your customers about what services and service packages you offer. Typically, you will want on main service page that lists off all of the service packages you provide, links to pages that explain each service in greater detail. See below for a more complete list of service pages.

Contact Us – A contact page is important for a number of reasons, mainly because it shows your site visitors the ways to reach you. This page can be as simple as listing out your name, address, email, phone number, Google Map listing and hours of operation, but often you will want to include links to any social media you sites have, and a contact form so you can collect emails and send visitors news, promotions, or other special offers.

Locations – If your moving company services more than one city, region, or state, you should include a general locations page that links out to individual city or service area pages. Even if you do not have multiple branches, listing out the areas you serve will help you better target the appropriate audience.

(If you have multiple locations, you should have a page for each location with your contact information for that website)

Privacy Policy – This page simply discloses how data is gathered, tracked, and used on your website.

Request a Quote – Many companies will display a quote form in the side bar on every page, but having an individual page dedicated to a quote form can help seperate the general inquiries from more solid leads.

Reviews Page – A page dedicated to feedback not only adds more content to your site, it shows new and returning customers that you have a strong work ethic and consistent track record. You can also use this page as a place for customers to submit reviews, or to direct them to your Google listings, Yelp profile, or other reviews sites you have a presence on.

Frequently Asked Questions – Chances are, if you’re been in business for awhile, you get asked the same questions over and over. Turn your repeated answers into web traffic with a FAQ page.
Moving Company Website About Pages

The page ideas below will give you a chance to create a broader definition of your brand online. While these pages are not absolutely mandatory, they may prove be a valuable resource to your clients and leads. Informational pages help your site visitors to better get to know your company.

Important Information Pages – Share your story

Awards/Accolades – Like the Qualifications page, this is a place to highlight why your customer service is top-notch. If you’ve been recognized by local or national organizations for your services, this is page to put all of your badges on.

Company History – If your company history is too long to fit onto your about us page, you can include a separate company profile to highlight where your business has been and where it plans to go in the future.

Financing Available – If applicable, providing a page devoted to your pricing and financing options can help potential customers realize they can afford to pay for a moving service, and even better, that you’re flexible with you payment options and plans.

Insurance – A page dedicated to the insurance options you provide can give new and returning customers a peace of mind when booking a move. If you offer full-value replacement insurance, this is the place to outline it.

Local Laws / Regulations – Every state has specific laws and regulations for moving companies, so a local laws and regulations page is a way to educate your visitors on what is or isn’t allowed in your area.

Meet the Team – This page is a great way to introduce the members of your team. It also adds a human element to your website and shows that there are real people working for your business.

Offers/Giveaways – If your company occasionally or regularly features special offers, this page can serve as a hub for all of your promotions.

Qualifications / Certifications – Is your company rated by the Better Business Bureau like this? Do you have a special certification that sets you apart from the rest? Use the qualifications page to show off why your moving company is a step above the rest.

Why Us – This is another page that gives you permission to brag a little. Similar to the Qualification / Certifications page, this is a great way to show off how your experience and expertise sets you apart from the competition.
Moving Company Website Service Pages

In addition to a main service pages, building out pages for every service you provide will not only help you expand on your business practices, it gives Google and other search engines more information to crawl through. This will help increase your authority, and could create better rankings for your site. The list below is a rolling list of services moving companies provide, so only include pages for the services you offer.

Services Pages to Promote Your Various Services and Obtain More Leads:

Antique Moving
Apartment Moves
Auto Moving
Commercial Moving
Corporate Moving
Furniture Moving
Furniture Rearrangement
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
Home Staging
In State Moves
Industrial Moving
International Moving
Interstate Moving
Junk Removal
Local Moves
Long Distance
Office Moves
Packing Service
Piano Moves
Pod Service
Residential Moving
Shipping & Receiving
Storage Pages
Tech Moving
Moving Company Website Resource Pages Needed

Go Beyond and Include Resource Pages in Your Website Design for Your Moving Company

Obviously, your main objective for your website is to promote your moving company and bring in more business. In order to be successful online, sometimes you have to go beyond the basic service pages and become a resource for people. This means doing things like actively posting on a company blog, creating pages on the best moving practices, and so on. Unlike information pages, these pages are meant to reach a larger audience, and are less about selling your services and more about spreading your expertise and creating a wider brand for yourself. Many of the visitors to these types of pages may not be immediate leads, but if you become a site others rely on for information, they’re more likely to remember your company when it comes time for them to move. The list below is a sampling of the sort of pages you can post on your site, or the type of content you can put up on your company blog.


Boxes & Supplies
Case Studies
Community Involvement
Community Partners
Company Blog
Essential Moving Tips
Moving for Seniors
Moving Terms
Moving Tips
Simplifying Your Move
Tips for Moving to [insert city here]
Top Rated Moving Companies in [insert city here]

That’s our list of 57 pages you can add to your moving site, plus your location pages.

But if you made it this far we have one more tip for you.  Don’t just create generic pages for each of these. Add some personality to them and show the search engines how you relate to each page. If it’s a location maybe mention how many moves you performed their last year and how any you want to this year, if it’s a service page include a picture of that service in action.

How many of these pages do you have on your website? If you are missing some you have some work to do! Let us know in the comments below.

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