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43 Social Media Post Ideas for Moving Companies

Social media is pretty much everywhere. Some businesses are using it, while others are dominating it. Which category do you want your moving company to be in?

Our team at Tractleads4Movers hopes you immediately wish to be in the latter category, because that’s where all of the fun happens. We will show you.

In a matter of minutes of glancing at a Facebook page or Twitter profile, you will notice how well that business does social media. The exemplary social media user stands out with optimized profiles, excellent content, and fun/engaging material in the form of images, videos and blog posts.

If you are ready to take your moving company’s social media to the next level and become a social media dominator, you will want to use some of these post ideas to get things moving – and fast!

1. New Employee

What we love about this post is that it uses Skinny Wimp’s language, personality and humor all in one photo. The name of the business is enough to pique interest, but Skinny Wimp is consistent with that name and personality using photos of bulging muscles and fun on the job. Who wouldn’t want to do business with a youthful, fun company like this one? Welcome to the team, Zack!

2. Move Day

Moves happen rain or shine, isn’t that right? Don’t let the elements get you down. Show that you provide the same service in good weather or bad and be excited about both! There’s always a silver lining, and perhaps the Charlestown skyline will brighten up this movers’ day as well as your social media audience’s day.

3. Favorite Item Moved

The Other Guys Moving Company enjoys moving, and that really shows through on their social media profiles. Each post on their social platforms is positive and interesting. Two concepts every moving company should use. A cool item like this one on Facebook will start a conversation with guitar lovers and make their day. Seize moments to hit on the different interests your followers and friends share.

4. Completed Move

It’s never too silly to brag about a move that you just accomplished. Write a status sharing how the day went or post a picture of you driving away from a move. You can be as real as possible. Some companies will tell about a hurdle they encountered and how great it feels to have overcome it. Share your successes; people want to be inspired.

5. Customer Feedback

It’s not bragging, it’s networking. When someone takes the time to write a review about your moving service, you should shout it from the rooftops! When you post a review you are showing how grateful you are for feedback and how positive your company is. Positivity sells on social media and reviews do too.

6. Company News

Featured in a magazine, newspaper, radio spot or tv commercial? Send your friends to that place. Tell them where to support you and how to get involved. Your friends will share in your excitement. When you share your company news, be sure to tag those who made it possible as a way of thanking them and sending traffic their way as well.

7. Industry News

It’s important to share what’s happening outside of your business’s walls. You should post an article, tool, app or news story about the moving industry at least once a week. It makes you appear interesting and a trusted source to the community for any topic surrounding homes.

8. New Feature Spotlight

You are a service company, but that does not mean you do not have products to offer. Any information and advice you have can be arranged as a product to your friends and followers. This youtube video of packing tips is an excellent product to create for you friends to enjoy.

9. Moving Services

Some customers are looking for more than just a good mover. If you offer additional services like storage, shipping and crating, than you should remind your friends about those services on social media. Send them to your website with a link that can provide them with good information to pass along to friends of theirs. It’s the new form of word of mouth advertising 😉

10. Ask a Question

Your friends are smart. Ask them compelling questions and they will teach you something in return. Budd Van Lines is interested in the topic of self-driving cars. Instead of just blurting out their opinion on the topic, they ask their friends to discuss it and provide a safe outlet for learning and discussion.

11. Audience Involvement

People LOVE to participate in activities especially if it involves selfies. Any time you can get people to share something or post a photo, you make their day. We love this example of “pic or treat” a play on Halloween that shows how grownups enjoy the holiday as much as kids do. You’re never too old for a fun photo.

12. Who Can Lift More?

While these Skinny Wimps are flexing to show their excitement about the expanding locations, this could also be a post asking your friends to vote which guy could move more boxes at a time. A silly contest like this is a fun way to involve your employees. Mention them by name so your audience begins to recognize them. Post additional photos or a video of the actual lifting contest. Make sure to tell everyone who the stronger mover is so they can congratulate them.

13. Moving Industry Fact

You’re the moving expert, not your audience. It’s your prerogative to endorse safe moving habits, expose moving misconceptions, and educate your audience a little bit at a time to show you care about them. This moving safety tip is a stellar example of educating your audience without giving away too much. Make them feel like they are in “the know” because you are giving them one-of-a-kind advice.

14. Highlight a Team Member

The Green Truck moving company is brilliant. We have to hand it to them. In a photo post like this one, they are giving extra credit to the behind the scenes workers who help the business thrive. Immediately, we want to meet Brittany and give her a high five because if the company is bragging about her, she must be pretty awesome. The second thing we love here, is the green wall in the background. It’s a small branding effort that makes a lasting impression. See, it’s so easy to make your business social.

15. Second or New Location

If you are excited about your company’s growth, your social media friends will be too. A photo like this one shows how many people are benefitting from the expansion. It’s a cool visualization for your audience who may not know how many people your business requires. Tell your audience about the new location, explain your reason for expanding and give them a preview into your growth.

16. New Truck

New Truck
We cannot stress how important it is to be excited about the small things. Life has too many improvements not to notice them and be proud of the growth. Post a picture of your new truck and ask your friends to keep a look out for it on the roads. You could even ask them to honk if they see your truck out and about!

17. Behind The Scenes

What is it like to work at your moving company? Show your friends what happens with photos; don’t just tell them. A dodge ball tournament is pretty neat, and your audience probably wishes they could join. Let people see into the fun you and your team enjoy week to week.

18. Glossary

We think that you have a lot to offer. You know more than any of your friends do about the moving process and all the complications that come with it at times. Give your friends some assistance. You could create a glossary of moving terms for them to learn and maybe share one term a week for a while to keep sending people to your glossary. This is an additional way for you to establish yourself as the moving industry expert.

19. Motivation

Allied’s “Just Moved” series provides continual motivation and advice for their friends and followers. People can feel like they are drowning beneath the long list of items to keep track of once they have moved. You can provide them some assistance and motivate them to take all the right steps after they move. For example, they may not think about registering to vote until it’s too late. You can motivate them to do so.

20. Birthdays

Birthdays are exciting even for adults. Atlas Van Lines was excited to announce their Owners’ 70th birthday and invite their friends to the party. Celebrate your employees’ milestone years if you can; people love a birthday party. Take every opportunity to show what excitement and stir is happening inside the work space as well as outside.

21. Celebrations

Going off of the previous suggestion; if you throw a company Christmas party, picnic, barbecue, conference or anything exciting, throw an update or two up on social media for your audience to see and adore. Two men and a Truck treats their team of employees as family. That’s why they threw a family picnic. We find it endearing that they call each other family, don’t you?

22. In the News

Is your business in the news or on the radio? We want to hear! A behind the scenes shot like this one from Puget Sound Moving is a crowd pleaser. What did they do right? They got an NFL player to do a radio ad for them; that’s impressive. They took a photo of the recording happening in action; that’s golden! and they got their friends excited about listening to the local ESPN radio station; that’s generous.

23. Before/After Move

This is an easy way to show how hard you work. Take a photo of all the items in a home that you have to move and post it. Once everything is packed and moved to the new place, take a photo and post it. Show in real time how efficient your team is and how well you beast out a moving job.

24. Giving Back

There’s nothing more inspiring than a thoughtful business. Any time your moving company supports your community and spreads kindness, share about it on social media. Your friends might want to get involved too. Be sure to join in the events in your area that make a difference to the community. It makes you good citizens and gets your name out there as a moving company that is both generous and caring. Real companies do real life things.


25. Top Employee

We highly recommend you give award to Employees of the month or year. Give your employees incentive to strive for more and praise the ones who have gone above and beyond for the sake of your moving company. No team is complete without committed help. If you have a great team, tell your audience about them.

26. Company Milestones

It’s great to receive honors. Budd Van Lines won an award from Lexicon Relocation, and that’s impressive. Any time your moving company is mentioned in an award, you should let your audience know how honored you are.

27. Company Affiliations

A new partnership is a sign of growth. It also shows how well you interact with like minds and provide mutual benefits to others in your community. Your audience will like to see who you are partnering with. You may also increase your audience reach to all those who already follow your partner on social media.

28. Famous Customers

Are you excited to move a famous client? It’s a big deal. Don’t hesitate to post a photo of that move. It’s not bragging if it’s adding to your credibility as a company. Show how you provide the same, quality moving services to the rich and famous as you do any one else. We like how Skinny Wimp posted the photo that this Clipper girl autographed.

29. How-to or FAQ Video

Video Pack 43 SM posts

Isaac’s Moving & Storage made a helpful video guide for packing correctly. You can find the video on YouTube, but choose to send your audience over to your YouTube channel by posting a guid video on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Be sure to use a different caption for each post so it’s not redundant.

30. Video Greetings or Messages

A thank you video that is themed around a day like Veteran’s Day is always a winner. Involve many members of your team and ask them questions to show how diverse the meaning of a day is to different people. A video like this shows how aware your business is and how human you are. You never know who you may touch with a thoughtful message on an important day.

31. Giveaway Contest

GiveawayA giveaway, sweepstake, or a contest is an excellent way to show your generosity on social media while expanding your reach to new friends.

Like in this example image, you can create media and ads that explain the contest and get viewers to vote or participate. Your goal is to reach as many people as you can, so the better your contest is the more likely it will pique interest. Make sure to have a good prize so that people feel compelled to share your contest with friends.

32. Business Owner Spotlight

Every Moving Company owner has a unique story. We love to hear success stories and get tools of success from business owners for our own benefit. People love to learn about secrets to success, so highlighting your business’s owner and sharing his or her secrets to success will spread like crazy on social media.

33. Sponsorships

Where do you give or invest? Tell your friends how they can do the same. If you sponsor a charity or a cause, like Arpin Van Lines does, you should share that on all your social sites and add a link to the cause’s website. You can even take photos of your employees helping to assist with a charity event for a more personal touch. Inspire people to give along with you.

34. Employees Outside of Work

Share the hobbies, interests, accomplishments and connections your employees have outside of work. You could post an article that features your employees’ success in the community. Or just add an image with a link to the website that showcases one of your employees doing something noteworthy. You are spreading interest to your employee as an individual with achievements, as well as giving a link to the network that hosted the event. This will reach their audience as well as your own and double your reach.

35. Posts From Your Blog

If your are efficient enough to have a blog, be sure to send your new posts to all of your social media sites. Add a captivating title and description that will grab readers’ attention. Allied is always posting some new industry related article. Take a tip from them and start blogging about what you know and can offer.

36. Holidays

What are you doing around the holidays? Stevens Worldwide Van Lines participated in a food drive. You may do completely different things each year. Whether you throw a big holiday bash, offer a giveaway contest, or host a banquet, be sure to tell your friends about it on social media. Give them a behind-the-scenes glance at all you do to prepare for the holidays.

37. Job Posting

Job Listing
Hiring? What better place to advertise than on your social media sites for free. Post a link to your website page with the new position requirements and application. Ask your friends to share the link with their friends on social media. People love to recommend jobs to their buddies.

38. Join National Twitter Days

Each day you can find out what is trending on Twitter and participate if it happens to be a special day. Budd Van Lines participated in Fire Prevention Day with a safety tip. You can even join in trending holidays like ‘National Chocolate Day’ by spoiling your employees with chocolate gifts from a local shop. Be sure to link to that shop and post a photo with the appropriate hashtag.

 39. Thank the Customer

Do you love your customers? Tell them how much. If they do something thoughtful for you, post a thank you and tell them to check it out on your Facebook or Twitter page. Box Ox was quick to thank their thoughtful customer for the lunch that they received. Customers are the key to keeping your business in motion, any way that you can go extra far to show your appreciation for your customers, will be rewarding.

40. Work-Aversary

How old is your company? Celebrate your business’s anniversary with a party celebration and post about it. Or you may want to celebrate your employees’ milestone work anniversaries. Be consistent and celebrate each employee who reaches the 10 year mark or 15 or 20. It’s worth celebrating those who have been faithful to the company.

41. Local Moving News

What’s happening in your area? Give people incentive to get out and explore. A list of the most important features and tips for people moving to your area is great for Local SEO links as well as educating your audience with helpful tips. North American Van Lines did this well with a post of things to know when moving to Phoenix, AZ.

42. Creative Videos

holiday SM postIf you have a goofy team, record them doing odd things and share your company’s personality. You never know when a video will be a hit with the social media friends. We love Gentle Giants’ since of humor that they tied in with pop culture in this video of “all about that bass” remix. This video is really doing triple duty: a thank you post (see #39), a holiday post (see #36) and then a behind the scenes post (see #17). We love the energy and want to do a move with them right now.

43. New Technology or Products

technologyAs is typical for any industry in the 21st century, technology is rising and rearranging how the industry works. Show that your moving company is on top of current technologies and products. If anything poses a threat to your industry, then reveal it and be one of the first to show that you are not phased by changes.

Now it’s time to get out there and be a social media dominator not just a user. Show your Moving company spirit, brand yourself for free and generate interests both in the community and within groups of friends.

It’s easy, really. You’re already making things move and happen in the world, just show that on social media.

Now over to you…

What social media posts do you find the most beneficial for your business? We want to know what works for you!